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September 30, 2009


Paul Weiss

Kudos to the Georgia Department of Revenue for giving those poor people a tax break and incentives. I watched the storms and flooding on the news last month, and it looked horrible, like Katrina part 2. Maybe it wasn’t as severe, but for a family who lost everything, this must be a small relief, and obviously the ramifications for the construction industry must be good too.

Paul Weiss


Georgia Department of revenue is a model for compassion. This should be followed by other Revenue Departments in every state in every country. This is of a big help to th victims. This just shows that love is still present in every one.


surety bonds

Georgia Department of Revenue did a really good job in helping those people in need. The storm is very strong and many people in Georgia are greatly affected by it.

Seminole CPA

Sounds like you guys have good thing going! I've enjoyed skimming your blog. You have a lot of great thoughts here!

St Pete CPA


Helping the calamity disaster victims is really one of the roles of the government. More power to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Double Glazing

Giving a tax relief for the storm victims of Georgia is a really big help. Salute to the Georgia Department of Revenue!

Double Glazing

We need to pay our taxes, because it is the way of growing one's community. Taxes are one of the most important issues facing small and growing businesses. And like a company’s profits, its annual tax bill will in part reflect the owner’s skills and knowledge.

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